Nicole Farr is chief consultant for C3 Consulting Firm. Nicole is a graduate of Northern Arizona University where she received her Bachelors degree in Public Relations.

Nicole has spent the past 18 years in business operations and communications management. For 12 of those years she was employed by the property and casualty insurance industry where she learned the importance of small business risk management and the strategy behind business continuity planning.

Nicole is has used her public relations and communication knowledge to represent the Arizona insurance industry with the media as a public information officer as well as publish consumer education articles via websites, blogs and social media.


A crisis or disaster can come in many different forms these days. Initially people list fire, flood or earthquake but we can now include cyber attacks, acts of terriorism and also smaller scaled incidents such as burglary or even water damage due to a faulty sprinkler system. Any one of these occurances (and many other forms) can be disasterous to a small business.

Whether you are a sole entrepreneur or an established business owner with 50 employees you need to have a plan in place to recover your business operations and communicate with your employees and your customers that you are still open for business.


Nicole comes from a family of small business owners, “I know the passion, the time, the energy and of course the financial risk one puts into their business.”

  • 40% of businesses DO NOT reopen after a disaster (FEMA).
  • Another 25% of businesses fail within one year after a disaster (FEMA).
  • The U.S. Small Business Administration indicates over 90% of businesses fail within 2 years after being struck by a disaster.

“I believe in small business. I believe its the new American Dream. I don’t want to see passions die and dreams fail because of lack of planning and communication. More businesses CAN recover from disaster and find success.”