Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner who wants to reach customers and clients through social media and online platforms but just don’t have the time to set up consistent messaging like digital media demands?

Nicole Farr and C3 Consulting are here to help!

Whether you are looking to market a product or service via Facebook or are looking to blog or write articles for your website to inform and educate your followers/readers you need to be consistent. Publishing blogs or posts once a month or more sporadically is not going to boost your online reputation, you need to up the ante.

C3 Consulting provides coaching to help you or members of your team create a digital communications strategy and put it into action. We also offer full consulting services where we will do the research and design for digital content and post or publish on your behalf. In addition to digital media coaching and consulting, C3 can assist you and your small business with traditional media relations, internal and employee communications, and creating a pro-active crisis communications strategy. See our Services page for a full list of how we can help your business survive and thrive.